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Garbage pickup is on Wednesdays.  Please place garbage at the end of your driveway on Tuesday Night except on holiday weeks. 

(See Below for holiday schedule)

•         Weekly curbside collection of normal household waste
•         All trash must be in 96-gallon cart(s) 
•         Place trash curbside the night before or by 6am on the service which is Wednesdays unless its a holiday week at which                   time will be pushed back by one day.

•         Curbside collection includes pickup of ONE large bulk items per week.  (bulk guidelines at the bottom of this page).
•         For additional bulk items, Residents must schedule pickup with Steven's Disposal  at least 24 business hours before service day
•         Cost is $10.00 per item, prepaid by resident 
•         Place bulk curbside the night before or by 6am on the service day

•         To Schedule a bulk pickup, contact the number below.


Kevin R Shipman

Customer Relations/Municipal Manager

Stevens Disposal & Recycling Service Inc.

               "A LOCAL COMPANY"





Holiday Schedules 

(If a holiday listed below falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, Garbage Pickup will be delayed until Thursday)


Holiday                                      Date                                               Residential Status

New Year's Day                        January 1                                      One day delay

Memorial Day                           Last Monday of May                     One day delay

Independence Day                   July 4                                             One day delay

Labor Day                                 First Monday of September        One day delay

Thanksgiving                           Fourth Thursday of November    One day delay

Christmas Day                         December 25                                 One day delay




Yard waste is a separate service, not included in our current contract.    The board is looking into yard waste collection for those who need it.


The following are guidelines to ensure your bulk items set out for collection allow our teams to service them and meet your expectations. Adherence to these guidelines will ensure your bulk items are collected when set out.


  • All items should be set out neatly to ensure the collection team are not injured. i.e., set evenly, not stacked higher than five (5) feet, all small items bagged or in trash containers, no cardboard boxes full of items, (boxes are not an acceptable container).


  • Lumber/wood must have nails & screws removed, must be no more than four (4) foot in length and bundled with twine or tape in bundles no more than two (2) feet in diameter.


  • Assembled wood cabinets/furniture must be unassembled/broken down and stacked as individual pieces.


  • Tile, shingles, wallboard etc. should be in trash containers with handles and weighing no more than fifty (50) pounds.


  • Toilets should have the tank and bowl in two (2) separate pieces unless it is a one-piece unit.


  • Basketball poles must be no more than Four (4) feet in length with sand or water removed from the base.


  • Carpet and padding must be rolled and bound by tape or twine, no more than four (4) feet in length and two (2) feet in diameter.


  • Windows, mirrors and doors, Glass must be removed and put in small cardboard box taped shut and labeled as broken glass.


  • Paint must be opened and poured into kitty liter and dried, cans should have lids off and dry.


  • White goods (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units and dehumidifiers must have freon removed and certified tagged by HVAC company.


  • Push Lawn mowers and gas grills must have gas tanks removed and oil removed.

  • Uncollectable items for Bulk Collection:


  • Tree limbs and brush. (this should be set out with yard waste, cut no more than four (4) feet in length and bundled by tape or twine no more than two (2) feet in diameter).


  • Concrete, brick, blocks, asphalt, dirt and stone.


  • Tires, wheels, brake rotors and drums, metal or steel automotive parts including seats.


  • Oils, stain & solvents are not allowed. They are considered hazardous waste.


  • No propane or helium tanks/cylinders.

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