A letter was recently sent out asking you to join a group for the area neighborhoods that was supposedly set up by one of our residents Roger Younglove.  The Youngloves contacted us to let us know that they did not have anything to do with this letter.  They have contacted the proper authorities to assist into how this happened.  Please do not join this group.  It is unknown at this time who sent out this letter.  Please contact any of our board members if you have any additional questions.  Thank you!

Welcome to Aberdeen Home Owners Association Website.

Welcome to the Aberdeen home owners association web site!  It’s great to have you here.    Our neighborhood was established in 2003.  Our neighborhood has forty five homes with two lots open, ready to build. We are conveniently located across from the Monroe County Fairgrounds and Monroe County Community College.  We are a VA approved home owners association.  Click the links to learn more!

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